Welcome to Apex Driving School Calgary

The best place to learn safe driving in Calgary!

Driving a car safely is of the utmost importance for any road user, especially with a large number of vehicles on the road today. You can receive this training from Apex Driving School Calgary, which has been in existence since more than ten years. Driving classes are imparted by our expert instructors, who strive to ensure that they can drive on the roads with confidence. We provide licenses to the students who pass out, and ensure that they become road-worthy.

Apex driving school is located in Coral Springs Grove, NE Calgary. This location has easy connectivity with rest of the city. All driving courses are inclusive of free pickups and drops, as we care for your safety. The driving school is open seven days a week, making it extremely convenient for busy students.

We always work from an office location, which is significant for setting the standards in customer service. Such standards cannot be delivered by several other home-run driving schools. Our training instructors have several years of experience behind them, which implies that they know exactly how to guide the aspirants. They understand the areas of difficulty for a student very well and work towards fixing the same. At the end of the day, nothing is of greater value than safety, and so we take all necessary steps for incorporating the same into training.

Calgary driving school follows its own set of laws, and we train each student on the same. Our objective is to make the drivers confident of handling their vehicles as per the laws. If you have never driven before, you need not worry as we have several aspirants in the same situation. Trust our driving school instructors to teach in the best possible manner.

Our driving instructors are at your service
  • Apex Driving School is proud to say that it has the best driving instructors this side of Calgary. You can ask them any kind of doubts at any time. Here are some of their characteristics:
  • Both male and female instructors work with us. You can choose either ones as per your preference.
  • The instructors are capable of communicating in a variety of languages. They can speak in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.
  • Our instructors have not just driven cars but trailer, semi-trucks and taxis. Such knowledge is very useful while teaching the students about handling big and small cars.
  • Each of our instructors is qualified as per Alberta Road Safety to impart training to students.